Save teeth today for tomorrow’s cure


Save your lost baby teeth; a time is coming soon when cells taken from them manufacture replacement organs and tissues. Potentially the beginning of a whole new paradigm in medicine, major research institutions, Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health are committing serious resources for further development.

Regenerative medicine may soon cure:

  • Genetic disorders
  • Heart diseases
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis
  • Injury/trauma damage


Regenerative medicine and stem cell research offers potential cures for everything from gum disease to diabetes. The potential impact on society and health care is tremendous. Proponents of the research envision a world where the research predict surgeries and organ replacements without patients spending the rest of their lives taking drugs to prevent rejection. This could mean faster and more complete healing and greatly reduced costs for health care.


Regenerative medicine defined

Over time, the organs and tissues in your body can fail, become damaged by disease or injury. Sometimes people are born with congenital conditions or damaged organs. Regenerative medicine promises to end the suffering by growing tissues to repair or replace the damaged organs. A promising example of regenerative therapy currently under study is; growing pancreatic beta cells to provide a cure for diabetes.


Why dental stem cells?

There are several compelling reasons to harvest stem cells from lost teeth, especially lost baby teeth. Teeth are filled with stems cells that are easily differentiated into a variety of tissue types. Harvesting and banking your own dental stem cells stores up a supply of cells unique to your body. Tissues grown from the stem cells store can be rejected as foreign by your immune system.

Unlike embryonic stem cells, dental stem cells do not engender any controversy and are very easily harvested for storage and later use. Start saving teeth early. As we age, stem cells in our bodies begin to lag behind the process of cellular degeneration. It is what causes aging to happen. Stem cells stored from your teeth in youth remain vital and can more easily be used.


Put your health where your mouth is

If you act now, your chances of maintaining good health in the future look bright. Save your children’s lost baby teeth, your own extracted teeth and bank them with Stem Save. Talk to your dental health provider or visit to learn more.