How Does Bone Resorption Occur?

Resorption is the break down or dissolving of a hard structure, such as bone.

The progression of bone resorption:

  • Bone resorption is a natural process that begins immediately after the removal of a tooth (or teeth).
  • Without the stimulation of a tooth or a dental implant, current literature has shown up to 40% of the original surrounding bone structure is lost within 6 months. By using a traditional denture as a replacement for missing teeth, the resorption process is actually accelerated.
  • With continued resorption over time, the denture will become loose and no longer fit properly. The general dentist will ‘reline’ the inside of the denture to obtain a better fit. Relining a denture is only a temporary fix.

  • The progression of bone resorption continues. eventually begins to rub against nerves that were once buried deep within the bone.
  • As the bone resorption progresses, the denture is made larger to compensate for the additional bone loss. In some cases, resorption can continue until the nerves become exposed.