Alveolar Ridge Expansion

When teeth in the upper jaw are removed it can sometimes cause the bone that supports them to deteriorate. This bony section, the alveolar ridge, can also become less dense due to aging or dental disease. The reduction of the alveolar ridge may be cause for extra attention before dental implantation procedures can be performed. The ridge may need to be widened or thickened so that there is enough bone mass to support dental implants.


The process

The doctors at Nu Image Surgical Center will examine your upper jaw carefully to determine if the alveolar ridge can support your implants. If your case requires augmentation, the first step to gaining your new smile will be augmenting your ridge with bone grafts to strengthen it. Then, after a few months time for healing has passed,  you will return to our office to receive your implants and new teeth.

The surgery is performed in our office under sedation. The bone tissue used for the grafts may be your own bone or using grafts from a tissue bank. Dr. Neshat will explain the procedure carefully and review all of your options with you before the procedures take place.  If you have questions at any time, please call our office and we’ll be happy to help. Just call 1.866.ncimplant and ask for our patient care coordinator.


Your new smile is waiting.

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