You might need a sinus lift

There are four sets of hollow spaces inside your skull. Called the paranasal sinuses, these spaces affect the way your voice sounds but their primary function is to create a mucus substance that protects your nasal passages from dust and harmful pollutants. The largest of these, your maxillary sinuses are positioned in your cheeks right above the upper jaw. Sometimes your dentist will recommend a bone graft, sinus lifting, as part of the procedure to attach dental implants in your upper jaw.


Why would I need a graft or lift?

The layer of bone separating your sinuses from your upper jaw is thin and the roots of your upper teeth sometimes grow up through that and into you maxillary sinus cavities. Placing a dental implant is difficult if the bone layer is too thin to hold it in place. In that situation, the doctors at Nu Image Surgical Center will recommend a sinus lift graft.


Sinus augmentation

The procedure for sinus lift and dental implantation will take place in two stages. In the first stage of the process, Dr. Neshat will lift up the sinus membrane, going through areas where your old teeth were. Then he will insert donor bone tissue into the sinus floor to strengthen it. Then after a sufficient time has gone by for the grafts to heal, the doctor will place the implants in your upper jaw and attach your new teeth.

Not every patient will require sinus bone lifts to get dental implants. Often there is enough bone mass in your jaw to place implants without them. Now improved bone graft technology permits many who could not receive dental implants in the past to have a new smile and healthier mouth.


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