What Type of Bone Graft Do I Need?

Sometimes periodontal disease, accidents or badly fit dentures can cause the bone surrounding your teeth to wear down or decay. Your dentist may recommend a bone graft to replace this bone as part of the procedure for implanting new teeth. There are several types of bone grafts that your dentist may recommend for you.


Types of bone graft materials:

  • Autogenous -this type of bone graft is performed using bone taken from another part of your body. This is the most preferred method because there is no problems with rejection.
  • Allograft-this type of graft is performed using bone taken from a tissue bank. It is human bone saved and kept for surgical grafting.
  • Barrier membrane- Gum tissue grows much faster than bone. Sometimes it is necessary to place a special membrane under the gum to prevent gum tissue from growing into the graft site. Over time this special barrier membrane will dissolve with no need for follow up visits to remove it.


Dr. Neshat will recommend bone grafts if your case requires them. The type of bone graft that will work best in your case depends on the results of your examination. Nu Image Surgical Center doctors will discuss all of the options available to you to help you to decide which type of graft to use. Most dental professionals prefer using live bone taken from the patient because it heals much faster without the risk of rejection.

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