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Regain Your Smile and Your Confidence with All-on-4™

All-on-4™ is a new, advanced protocol that allows patients to receive non-removable, permanent teeth, at a cost effective price.  Patients will receive their implants and teeth during the same visit.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a “post” that is inserted in the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth.  It can either be used to replace a single tooth, or for replacing an entire jaw’s missing teeth. Teeth are then attached to the dental implants.  These new teeth feel, look, and function similarly to natural teeth.

What is an “All-on-4″ Procedure?
All-on-4 is an advanced dental implant placement technique by which, 4 individual implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw.  Immediately after placement of the implants, the teeth (prosthesis) are stabilized onto the implants.  Therefore, the implants as well as teeth are placed during the same visit.

All-on-4 dental implants

How is this procedure different than other implant techniques?
In the past, 8-10 implants were required to replace an entire jaw with teeth.  Often times, due to significant bone loss created from missing teeth, bone grafting procedures and sinus lifts were required to prepare the jaws to accept dental implants.  However, with this new technique, no bone grafting is necessary, therefore eliminating these invasive and costly procedures.  Also, the traditional implants techniques allowed 9 months or over 1 year of healing time of bone and implants prior to placement of teeth.  Therefore, the patient would wear a denture that was often ill fitting for over 1 year, prior to the actual placement of prosthetic teeth on the implants.  With the All-on-4 technique, the teeth are placed on the implants during the same visit.

Is this process painful?
Dental implants and the creation of a prosthetic smile can be accomplished with minimal or no discomfort using IV sedation.

Is this procedure available in most dental offices?
No, the “Immediate loading” of dental implants with All-on-4 is a relatively new concept in dental care.  Dr. Neshat has been uniquely trained in performing this technique.  We also use a CAT scan to provide us detailed information on the bone structure.  We have a machine in our office, eliminating the need to travel to a hospital to obtain these radiographs.

Is this procedure expensive?
One of the many advantages of the All-on-4 techniques is the significant cost savings in comparison to the traditional implant procedures.  This procedure can be less costly than most traditional dental implants treatments due to the reduced number of implants utilized and elimination of bone grafting procedures, such as sinus lifts.

Click to watch Upper and Lower All-on-4 animation videos.

For more information about the All-on-4 procedure you can check out the Nobel Biocare system for the All-on-4 procedure.

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