Harvesting Stem Cells from Wisdom Teeth


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Once upon a time, extracted teeth ended in the garbage, forgotten and so too the living stem cells locked inside them. Now science finds a new and exciting use for lost wisdom teeth. Forward thinking individuals across America are saving their extracted wisdom teeth and banking the stem cells to be used to cure illness later on.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is recently a very big deal for medical researchers and the National Institutes of Health. It all stems from the fact that the stem cells found inside your wisdom teeth can potentially be used to grow rejection proof organs and tissues to heal things like diabetes, hear disease and kidney failure. By banking stem cells with StemSave, you and your family have access to life saving medical treatment in years to come. Dr. Neshat and the team at Nu Image Surgical Center are trained to preserve and prepare your extracted teeth for cryopreservation at StemSave.

Dental stem cells

It is well known that stem cells promise to revolutionize the way trauma, disease and illness are treated. Dental living stem cells are ideal for this purpose because they are easily extracted, easy to work with and remain vital when stored. The stem cells inside teeth can replicate themselves and be differentiated into a wide range of tissue types to treat medical conditions. Because these cells are harvested from you, the tissues made using them won’t be rejected by your body immune responses.


Stem cells in wisdom teeth

Start early

Dental stem cells are also easily recovered by your dentist whenever a tooth is extracted and processed for storage. Research now shows dental stem cell to be among the most potent cells in your body. They replicate faster and for much longer than other types of stem cells. This makes them ideal for regenerative medicine procedures but be aware that stem cells age along with the rest of the cells in our bodies. Harvesting cells from wisdom teeth extracted at a younger age guarantees they will remain vital for medical use later on.

Doctor Neshat, recognizing the promise of medical miracles from dental stem cells, is saving the extracted wisdom teeth of his three children and encourages our patients to do the same.

Life saving potential is locked inside your family’s teeth.

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