The day of your surgery-What to expect


Arriving at the office

Nu Image Surgical Center spares no effort to make you completely comfortable with the treatment you are going to receive. Before your surgery we will carefully explain what is going to happen and what you should do to prepare for the procedure. From your initial consultation to the time of your surgery, our staff are always available to answer you questions or to deal with any concerns you might have. Call our office or email us and we’ll help you right away.

The treatment plan

During your initial examination and consultation we’ll provide you with a detailed treatment plan outlining the procedure and what you must do to prepare. The plan provides thorough information regarding the surgery, sedation and medications involved.

What you should do:

  • Please do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day before your surgery.
  • If you are still feeling anxious, you can receive medication from our office to help
  • You should not drive after your procedure. Please arrange for someone else, a friend or family member, to bring you to our office and take you home afterwards.

Wisdom tooth extractions average 45 minutes but every situation differs and it may take longer. You can get a more definite idea of how long it will take during your initial consultation.

The extraction procedure


    • The first step is to make a small incision to expose the wisdom tooth.


    • If your tooth is impacted, a small amount of the bone covering the tooth will be removed and the tooth extracted.


    • After your wisdom teeth have been extracted, we will close the gum tissue with several sutures. These sutures will dissolve over time and you won’t need to come back to the office to have them taken out.


    • You will not need to return to our office to have the sutures removed. They will dissolve, or fall out on their own.