What to expect after

wisdom tooth extraction


The doctors and staff here at Nu Image Surgical and Dental Implant Center want you to feel completely comfortable with your procedure. We will explain exactly what you should expect both during the extraction and afterwards. Before you leave the office we make sure that you have all the information, post operative instructions and prescriptions for medication you will need. If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to call our office. Dr. Neshat and Dr. Perez are only a call away and you will never have to deal with a calling service. Someone here is always available to help you.

The time needed to recover after wisdom tooth extraction can vary from patient to patient. Typically it takes a few days before you are fully recovered and can continue your daily activities. People who work full time or attend school should consider having their wisdom tooth extraction on a Thursday or Friday to allow the weekend for recovery time.


Things to do after surgery

  • Rest. Too much activity after wisdom tooth surgery may increase your bleeding.
  • Keep an ice pack on your jaw for the first day to slow down the bleeding. After that, you can use a warm, moist wash cloth to help with swelling and discomfort.
  • Do not smoke. It may cause serious complications and delay your healing.

You can expect a complete recovery after a few days but make sure you follow the post-operative instructions the doctor gave you and try to rest. The pain relievers recommended by the doctor will ease any discomfort but please call our office right away if the bleeding continues more than 24 hours after your procedure.