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Staff and My Angels :)

Thank you so much for being involved with the free dental clinic! You helped me with a horrible painful tooth and were so kind to myself and my disabled daughter! May God Bless You!! Many Thanks,

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Thank you for your skill!!

Dear Dr. Potter, Thank you for your skill! Thank you for your successful years of practicing surgery! We felt so confident about that tooth, that painful tooth, removal in your capable hands.  I also wanted to compliment your surgery prep team. Excellent care all around.  Julie has confidence in you and so do we. Thank you

Put Your Fears to Rest!!!

PUT YOUR FEARS TO REST!!!! I lost a front tooth over 25 years ago. Back then I opted for a bridge. But now, the bridge failed so I opted for an Implant. My story is a little different, I had no bone for the implant, so my first procedure was bone grafting. I know this may sound painful, but it was not …. at all!!! The hardest thing is waiting for it to heal (4 to 6 months). Then, I went back in and successfully had the implant installed. Be prepared, as there is a waiting period again for the healing process, but as I stated before, no pain. Once healed, I was seen by my dentist, Dr. Suh, and the permanent tooth was made and inserted into my mouth. Both Dr. Neshat and Dr. Potter have a kindness that puts you at ease. They take the time to answer your questions (and I had many). It is also nice that they take the time to call you later in the day to personally see how you are feeling. I was very skeptical on how this new tooth would look. I have some BIG front teeth. However, I am very pleased with the final product. It looks natural and matches my other front tooth. Here I must give the credit to Dr. Suh. He refused to give up until it was perfect. Everyone keep in mind, you need to have faith in two dentists .. the oral surgeon as he is placing the implant in your mouth, and your primary dentist who will create your final tooth to attach to the implant. I was very pleased that my two dentist worked hand in hand with each other for the best possible outcome …. not for them …. but for me.

Dr. Neshat and his staff…

Dr. Neshat and his staff are very experienced and met my expectations regarding my implant.  The staff are courteous and very warm.  The surgery experience went pretty well with little or no pain. My post treatment follow-up experience went very well.  Great experience with Dr. Neshat and have had the opportunity to treat members in my family as well. I will definitely recommend him and his practice to my relatives and friends.


Thank you – Alex

Dr. Neshat was very attentive to my problem while 2 dentists I went to when I had my toothache refused to extract it; Dr. Neshat did it right away. Before the extraction my face blew up like a blowfish because of the infection. He had administered antibiotic for the inside of the mouth as well as the outside on my face which may or may not have been related to the bad tooth. And the staff was very attentive and friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Neshat for any dental related works.

RC’s Testimonial to Nu Image

Dr. Neshat is truly wonderful. His entire staff is superb. The staff was friendly and warm while extremely professional. They always welcomed me, and made me feel special, with nice things to say and their sincere smiles.

In 2010, I had an infected front top tooth that had to be pulled. The area was in bad shape. Dr. Neshat did the necessary procedures. One of which involved cadaver bone and required about 6 months to heal, so I could have the implant.

Just when I was ready to return for the implant an infection developed in the spot for the implant. Dr. Neshat assured me that he would redo the procedure at no charge. He immediately cleaned out the infection, put me on antibiotics, and another 6 months was needed for the area to heal.

Then DR. Neshat put in the first implant. It got infected. More antibiotics, 6 months to heal, second implant. It too became infected. Dr. Neshat told me that I was the one patient in 15,000 who had this happen. He offered me the option of a bridge or try for a third time, if I could stand it. We did not know why the infection happened.

Having the greatest respect for and confidence in Dr.Neshat and his staff, I chose the third attempt. Dr. Neshat tried a variance on his procedure. Then, antibiotics, Healing 6 months, third implant, healing for 8 more months. And it was a SUCCESS ! The bone had grown around the implant just as it was supposed to.

Dr. Neshat gave up neither on me, nor on his own ability. I had faith in Dr. Neshat and his staff. My faith was justified.

Dr. Neshat and His staff are just wonderful. It took time, but the opportunity to meet and chat with many the Nu image staff, made the whole experience actually delightful.

Alton and his new outlook on life with dental implants.

My experience with Dr. Neshat was wonderful.

If I knew the implant experience was this pleasurable I would have done it 10 years ago! No Pain, No discomfort!  I am thankful for Dr. N and his team.  It truly was a pleasure to get this done!!


It Was a Great Experience.

Posted on January 9, 2013

It was a great visit. All went well with little to no pain. I liked that because I really dont like to take pain pills. That was the best.  Staff was great. Dr. Neshat is great to the point and doesnt waste your time. Thank you all for the great visit.


They really are the best.

Posted on October 2, 2012

The staff were very professional and pleasant as well as Dr. Neshat. When I had my implants and wisdom teeth taken out I had a little pain and hardly and swelling. I wouldnt want to come to any other place but here. They really are the best.


Dr. Neshat, himself, is a warm and wonderful doctor.

Being sent to a specialist’s office by my dentist was a bit worrisome – fear of oral cancer was my foremost worry, after having smoked for many years. The lovely women who greeted me were warm and smiling, yet very professional.
The nurse allayed my fears and made me comfortable. Dr. Neshat, himself, is a warm and wonderful doctor.  He took his time in explaining my surgery; answered my questions and made me totally comfortable.

All in all, my experience with Dr. Neshat’s expertise, the warm and professionalism of his staff and a very happy outcome leave me with a great respect for this entire operation.  I will surely recommend Dr. Neshat to my family and friends.

-Helen Foster

Thank you so much for your care

Dr. Potter,
Thank you so much for your care! You were absolutely right – a week later I’d forgotten those teeth were even there :) . The experience was exceptional and lived up to all the great things I know about your office. Im pleased I now have such a wonderful personal experience to share with our patients. Please pass on to Dr. Neshat – Have a great day!

Wonderful Experience

Caring and Helpful. Dr. Neshat is first class. Surgery was less traumatic than expected with fast recovery. Always treated with understanding a respect.

Dave R.