Some of the doctors we work with:

“As a cosmetic dentist in Raleigh, NC I take great care in my specialist referral base regarding my assistance for my patients.  I have discovered over the years of working with Kevin Neshat that he is the most skilled oral surgeon in the area.   His knowledge of surgical skills and his aesthetic awareness of procedures is second to none.  I trust all my own family members without any reservations to his care and he has done several oral surgery and implant procedures for my own family.

He is unequivocally one of the best oral surgeons in North Carolina and has pioneered many advanced implant and other surgical procedures for the citizens in our state.  I am fortunate to know Dr.  Neshat both personally and professionally and we are privileged to have him to deliver his excellent care here in Raleigh.”
–Chris Gudger, DDS

“When I ask my patients about their experience with Dr. Neshat and his team, they always reply with extreme favor. Dr. Neshat and his staff take the time to explain the procedures, recovery, options and expense. My patients feel comfortable in his care and trust his knowledge, judgment and expertise. The patients that have received dental implants from Dr. Neshat have been very pleased and always comment on how natural they feel.   I have worked with Dr. Neshat since he moved back to North Carolina and will continue to trust him and his talented staff to care for my patients.”
–Melissa Davidian, DDS

“I feel very comfortable referring my patients to Dr. Neshat because I am comfortable that he will treat patients respectfully, make them feel at ease, and give them extra attention to any especially nervous patients, in addition to providing the highest level of dental care”
–Tran Nguyen, DDS, PA

” Dr. Neshat is a very talented and caring oral surgeon.  His skills are unsurpassed in the Raleigh-Wake County area.  He is especially adapt in the field of Implant dentistry staying on the cutting edge of this ever expanding discipline.  He is a leader in the dental continuing education sponsoring a local study club that raises the standard of dental care for the local dental community and their patients.”
–Mike Williams, DDS

” Dr. Neshat is a valuable resource to me and my practice.  Not only does he provide excellent technical care to my patients, the courses I have attended at Nu-Image Dental seminars are helping me to become a better practitioner.  He freely shares his surgical and implant expertise even with those of us that provide identical services within his own market.  In my opinion, this is the epitome of confidence in ones’ abilities, professionalism and dedication to the craft”
–John G. Collins, DMD

“Cutting edge technology blended with exceptional patient care and follow up have made Kevin Neshat’s office a staple of our referrals.  We get constant feedback from our patients about not only the professionalism of the office and staff, but also the timely and careful manner in which they are treated.”
–Robbie T. Smith DDS, PA

“Raleigh, NC could not have asked for a better surgeon.  It has been a joy to work with someone of such a high degree of excellence. I have had the opportunity to talk with and interact with some of the finest clinicians across the country and believe that there is none finer than Dr. Neshat.  It is a privilege to have someone on his caliber on our “team”.”
–Ed Suh, DDS, PA

“Dr. Neshat is blessed with the unique combination of exceptional clinical abilities, personal warmth, genuine care about his patients, and down to earth personality.  Dr. Neshat has set the standard for dental implants in Wake County, North Carolina.  He is continuously raising the quality of Oral Surgery/dental implant care available in the Carolina’s.  He is a mentor for many in our community, including myself, and continues to be a leader in dental education of his peers.  Wake County is extremely fortunate to have Kevin Neshat in our community.”
–Craig Q. Adams DMD

“Having been a restorative and cosmetic dentist for many years, I have yet to meet an Oral Surgeon with Dr. Neshat’s high knowledge and experience.  His kind personality and his amazing staff are a bonus.  My patients love him and his staff.  I personally would trust him with my own mouth any day.”
–Bilal Saib, DDS

“I feel confident entrusting Kevin Neshat and his talented team to handle my patients as well as my family’s implant and oral surgery needs.  Dr. Neshat is a pleasure to work with and is an integral part of my dental team.”
–James Surant, DMD

“I appreciate that Dr. Neshat and his staff make it their priority to educate patients, and their referring doctors of the patient’s individual treatment plan.  Excellent communication contributes to excellent results.  The team approach between surgeon, patient, and referring doctors is a winner!”
–J. Christian Sheaffer DDS, MS

“I appreciate the way Neshat takes care of my patients.  He communicates well with the patients and makes them feel comfortable throughout the appointment.  The treatment they receive is always outstanding.  Specialists I refer to are often a reflection of my practice and I am thankful to have a wonderful place like this to send my patients.”
–Craig Williams, DDS, PA

“Dr. Neshat is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted clinician.  I feel fortunate to have a colleague who treats my patients with respect, compassion and utmost professionalism”
–George Zarb, DDS, MS