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It’s always good to know how much a procedure costs before getting involved with it. Here at Nu Image Dental Implant Center, we encourage our callers to ask us questions regarding cost. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and if it does please tell me so I can go out and plant one myself. So we are very upfront about our costs to our patients/future patients.

Since our procedures vary, we cannot give a 100% accurate estimate over the phone or over an email without actually seeing the patient at our office with a one-on-one consultation; but we can give them a price range so they know what they may be up against when it comes to finances. We also offer a free consultation seminar (group seminar) for the general public who is interested in the dental implant process but is not sure if this is something they want to invest their money in.

The varying fees are dependent upon the implants themselves, what is going on in the mount, and also who the dental implant surgeon is. We can always give price ranges for our procedures, which have helped a lot of people make the decision whether or not this is something they can pursue now, or later. We try to tell our patients that the dental implant process has a few different costs associated with it. There is a cost for consultation, implants, components, anesthesia, extractions, and bone grafting.

A consultation can cost anywhere between $80-$430 depending on whether or not the patient needs to get a CAT scan done of the area that is involved with the dental implant. A CAT scan is a must when the surgeon needs to determine how much bone is available and to find the size of the implant to use to get a full range of depth. Sometimes an X-ray can be used depending on location, and that can help with costs if the patient has had it taken recently from their dentist.

Cost of a Single Dental Implant

A single implant can cost anywhere from $2200+ depending on how many are needed and there is usually a charge for components that are sent to the restorative dentist for the final portion of the dental implant process. Also, there may be a charge if anesthesia is used or if an extraction is needed. If any bone is needed at the implant site, then there is a fee for that as well.

One thing patients need to remember is that most oral surgeons do not place the crown onto the implant, they may give you a temporary tooth when you leave the office that day, but as far as a permanent tooth, one needs to visit their restorative dentist. Although some surgeons may do both procedures. So the cost for the implant is separate from the cost of the crown.

Some surgeons may also offer mini-dental implants, which are significantly less expensive than your traditional implants. The cost of these can be more than half the price of the traditional ones as well. So that may be an option for those who are watching their finances.

Cost of Multiple Dental Implants

The cost of multiple implants is usually just a math game. Usually just multiplying the number of implants needed by the price of one of the implants can get you an average of costs associated with the procedure, but you still need to factor in anesthesia, extractions, bone grafting and other preparation procedures needed.

Full Mouth Implant Costs.

Cost of Removable Dentures

If someone already has dentures that are reasonably intact, then dental implants can help stabilize the dentures and help you chew and feel better (NO MORE DENTURE GLUE!!!). These removable dentures will need to be taken out at night and cleaned. The removable dentures can be done with traditional implants or with mini-implants. The cost for traditional implants can range between $5700-$16,300 depending on the number of implants used and this usually includes the cost of the restorative phase (where your general dentist will fabricate a denture for you that will work).

Mini-implant removable dentures can cost anywhere between $5000-$7000 depending on the number of implants used and this will also include the cost of the restorative phase.

Cost of Non-Removable Dentures

Non-Removable dentures can be treated as natural teeth as they do not need to be taken out when one eats. The cost for non-removable dentures can range between $25000-$30000 per jaw depending on the jaw (because of the number of implants used).

Anesthesia, Extractions, and Bone Grafting

These procedures can range from $250-500+ depending on how time and quantity.

Please visit us on the web at ( You can also email us at [email protected] if you have any questions and would like to inquire about pricing and other dental implant information. The prices listed on this page do not reflect our prices; they are just a range that we have seen from various dental implant surgeons. You can always apply for third-party financing from several companies that we deal with.