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Nu-Image Dental Implant Center Offers More Teeth for Your Money RALEIGH, N.C.–(Business Wire)–

The Nu-Image Dental Implant Center is pleased to announce the overwhelmingly a positive response to both its “Teeth-in-An-Hour” and “All-on-4″ procedures. These revolutionary operations are providing patients with the first real permanent option to traditional dental replacement solutions of dentures and/or partials.

“It really is a new age in dental implant surgery,” said Dr. Kevin Neshat, DDS, MD, PA – Founder of the Nu-Image Dental Implant Center. “What is now being offered to patients through our Immediate Teeth Techniques (Teeth-in-An-Hour or All-on-4) is such a monumental departure from those traditional choices that our parents and grandparents had presented to them…and it`s not just about options for the sake of having them – these procedures actually translate to a better quality of life! People are getting that message with more and more of them researching, and ultimately opting for these new, cutting-edge implant solutions. Before now, any type of implant procedure meant months of visits, bone grafting, longer and more painful recovery times etc.,” added Dr. Neshat.

The Teeth-in-an-Hour dental implant surgery system is one that streamlines the treatment process and provides the patient with permanent teeth in about an hour. The system incorporates the use of CT Scans and advanced 3-D imaging software to accurately assess bone structure in order to create a permanent prosthesis (stint) prior to surgery. This cutting-edge system offers a more accurate and safer positioning of dental implants and provides the patient with permanent teeth in one visit.

The All-on-4 procedure is an advanced dental implant placement technique by which 4 individual implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw. Immediately after placement of the implants, the teeth (prosthesis) are stabilized onto the implants. Therefore, the implants, as well as teeth, are placed during the same visit.

“This is a truly amazing breakthrough,” said Michael Vallely, a recent patient of Dr. Neshat`s. “With these new advancements, I don`t worry about whether my teeth can withstand the rigors of my daily life. They are just as much a part of me as any other part of my body…permanent, durable, and beautiful. I`m truly amazed at how this revolutionary, time-saving procedure has enhanced not only how others view me, but more importantly, how I view myself.”

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