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Patient Advantages

How Patients Benefit from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Your blood contains platelets that are essential to your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Whenever an injury occurs they rush to the site of the wound and release powerful proteins that stimulate tissue growth and cellular repair. Harvesting these protein rich platelets from a small amount of your blood, about 25 cc, allows doctors to treat the wound site with a super saturation of the PRP gel to promote faster healing and recovery.

PRP contains:

TGF-ß- this increases the growth of musculoskeletal connective tissues
PDGF-attracts stem cells to the surgical site
Epidermal growth factors to stimulate the growth of connective tissues
Vascular and fibroblast growth factors to increase oxygen and nutrient flow to surgical site


Using PRP benefits our patients with greatly enhanced healing and recovery times and faster bone growth when grafts are needed. In comparison to the way the process worked in the past, our patients experience real advantages in safety, convenience and cost. Instead of going to hospital for treatment, our doctors can draw a small sample of your blood here in the office.

We’ll spin it in the centrifuge to extract the platelet rich plasma and use it to enhance the healing process during your procedure. You avoid the risk of disease transmission because your own blood cells are used to make PRP.

The benefits are real; increased safety, convenience and reduced costs. Now you only need one office visit instead of trips to hospital and Nu Image Surgical Center for your procedure. To learn more about PRP advantages for you, please call our office at 1.866.ncimplant today.

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