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What is a Dental Implant?

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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small post that is made out of titanium. The post is surgically inserted into the jaw where teeth are missing. After the implant is placed, we allow the surrounding bone to heal for two – four months. During the healing phase, the bone will bond to the titanium implant through a process called osseointegration.

Dental Implant Materials

Many patients question what materials will be placed in their mouth. There are two main materials that make up dental implants.

Titanium: Surgical grade titanium is used because it has been established to integrate with our bone. Titanium is routinely used for knee and hip replacements and yields high success for tooth replacement.

Zirconia: A strong, biocompatible ceramic material, providing patients with a more natural esthetic. Zirconia’s capability as a long term implant option has continued to improve as developments in its manufacturing processes have occurred.

Nu Image Dental Implants

Are you interested in dental implants but unsure of what they are or how they work? Schedule a consultation with us to learn more and to see if you’re a candidate.

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