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What is PRP?

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich Plasma is a substance taken from your own blood and used to encourage faster healing after dental or oral surgery. Plasma is the liquid component of your blood in which the red and white blood cells are suspended. This protein rich fluid contains powerful antibodies and fibrinogen that enhance your bodies natural healing process.

Until recently, extracting platelet rich plasma required large amounts of blood and expensive equipment inside a hospital. New advances in technology now permit Nu Image Surgical Center to harvest PRP from as little as 25 cc of your blood to use during your outpatient surgery.

Dr. Neshat and our staff use a centrifuge to separate the plasma component out from a sample of your blood drawn the day of your procedure. The plasma is the mixed with thrombin and calcium chloride to form a gel.

How PRP benefits you

During surgery your body’s natural healing processes are triggered. This causes a variety of cell types to flood into the wound to begin repairing your damaged tissues. PRP takes advantage of this process and speeds up the delivery of the platelets to the area. It causes platelet derived growth factors to speed up the process of stem cell replication that drives the healing process. Introducing PRP to the wound site makes more stem cells respond more quickly and results in faster natural healing and faster recovery from your outpatient surgery.

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