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Information Regarding
Your Initial Consultation

Initial Consult and Exam




Your Initial Consultation

At your consultation, one of our surgeons will evaluate your condition, determine your diagnosis and then explain your treatment options to you. On the day of your initial consultation, you will need to bring the following items:

Your ID. Identification will be requested at the first visit.

Your referral slip (if you have been referred to our office by a general dentist or other specialist).

X-rays. Any that have been taken within the past year.

A list of any medications that you are currently taking.

Your insurance information including dental and medical insurance cards & necessary forms.

About Referrals

Often, patients are referred to our office by their general dentist. Patients that do not have a general dentist are still welcome at our office. Some of the procedures performed at our office, such as the placement of dental implants and bone augmentation, require the collaborative efforts between a Nu Image oral surgeon and the patient’s general dentist. If you are interested in becoming a patient at our office, but do not have a general dentist, one of our oral surgeons can refer you to one of the highly qualified general dentists that we work closely with.

About X-Rays

X-rays are used to accurately assess your condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Please bring any X-rays that have been taken by your general dentist or physician within the past year to your appointment. You may also request for your general dentist or physician to forward your X-rays to our office. If you do not have any X-rays, our facility is equipped to take them during your consultation.

ConsultPro Videos

At your consultation, our surgical team may show an animated video of the treatment we recommend for your specific case. These videos can be found here if you need a refresher or want to learn more about your options.  Animated Treatment Videos

Please Note:

All patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at their initial visit.

Nu Image Pre-Op & Post-Op

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Oral Surgery Instructions

Pre-operative and post-operative instructions are given to the clients at each step to ensure everything goes as planned. We take care of all aspects of the procedure and make it as comfortable for our clients as possible.

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