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Stem Cell Technology with Dental Pulp

What are Dental Stem Cells?

The soft living tissue inside the tooth is known as dental pulp. Stem cells are present here and have the potential to differentiate into a variety of cell types.

Where are dental stem cells found?

During wisdom teeth extractions, our Nu Image surgeons are able to preserve the teeth and use them for stem cell collection. Stem cells are also present in baby teeth or milk teeth, especially in the upper and lower canines and incisors.

What are the potential uses of dental stem cells?

Stem cells play a vital role in regenerative stem cell therapy of many degenerative and life threatening conditions. They have a wide range of potential therapeutic application. Stem cells are able to aid to repair damaged cardiac tissue following a heart attack, generate nerve and brain tissue, repair muscle tissue, generate bone, cartilage and fat.

How do you harvest stem cells?

A Nu Image surgeon extracts the tooth and packs it in a dental sampling kit and sends it to a laboratory facility for further processing.

Then the dental pulp, containing the stem cells, is isolated by breaking open the tooth where the stem cells can be extracted. These are tested for sterility and quality control.

If they pass the viability assessment, they will be stored cryogenically. The stem cells are frozen by keeping the levy at a temperature of -150 C (-238 F) in liquid nitrogen.

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