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"Nu Image gave me implants, my teeth, and my smile all in one day... they changed my life!"

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Successful Dental Clinic

People measure success in many ways, here is one way we look at it: "I had the Great Blessing of being able to Have Dr Potter and The Wonderful Team do an Extraction on a Very Painful Tooth Free of Charge Today through the Church!! I Can't Thank You All Enough for Helping Me!! You […]

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Stem Cell Technology with Dental Pulp

What are Dental Stem Cells? The soft living tissue inside the tooth is known as dental pulp. Stem cells are present here and have the potential to differentiate into a variety of cell types. Where are dental stem cells found? During wisdom teeth extractions, our Nu Image surgeons are able to preserve the teeth and […]

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Are Dental Implants Suitable for You?

There may be an alternative for people suffering from missing teeth and/or wearing dentures. Dental implants can replace missing teeth and can help to stabilize a denture. It is a restoration that supports an artificial tooth and is most similar to having a natural tooth. The best way to know if you are a suitable […]

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The Staff is Very Helpful

The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The staff made my process (implants) as comfortable as humanly possible. The outcome was wonderful. Dr. Neshat is a person that has been given a talent (bed side manner) and most important his skill as a surgeon! You all care about your patients! Thank you again! I am […]

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Oral Cancer Risk Decreased with Vegetables

An unhealthy diet has been associated with about a third of all oral cancers. It’s also been well established that alcohol is a major risk factor in oral cancer, too. Now researchers have found that women who have high intakes of alcohol and low levels of B-vitamin folic acid are three times more likely to […]

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Weight Loss Benefits Oral Health

Many of us approach the new year with a resolution to attain or maintain a healthy weight because we are concerned about the medical risks of being overweight or obese. These include heart disease, diabetes, joint pain and sleep apnea. Losing weight lowers risk for all of these. A new study, recently published in the […]

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